Good Author For Young Women

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Lisa Shumate is a good author for young women today. Why? Because Lisa Shumate was a young woman herself, not too long ago, who faced all of the adversities and challenges that every young woman faces when trying to become self-made. The young women of today are the leaders, mothers, CEOs, and decision-makers of tomorrow. Always and Never: 20 Truths for a Happy Heart is a book written by a woman for young women to empower them and help them reach their full potential with 20 powerful truths that, when applied to your life, will change you for the better forever!

Although there are plenty of good books and good authors for young women, and most of these books center around the same principles and philosophies, Always and Never: 20 Truths for a Happy Heart is a virtual workbook that takes all of the best knowledge and advice for young women, breaks it down, and puts between two covers. This book is a must-have for young women finishing high school or college!

What Kind of Women Will You Be?

As a young woman, three things are guaranteed to you in life:

1. Death
2. Taxes
3. Adversity

There's nothing we can do about the first two, although there are steps that can be taken to prolong your life and limit the amount of taxes you pay. One thing you can do is to become an entrepreneur. The world needs more female entrepreneurs. Plus, entrepreneurs, in general, live longer and pay fewer taxes than employees. Some entrepreneurs pay no taxes at all!

Adversity is What Will Make You or Break You

The key is adversity. Particularly, how you deal with adversity is what matters most. With that said, there are basically two types of young women in the world today. One is the kind of young women who uses life's adversities to better herself. She learns from her errors and doesn't keep repeating them. Some young women will use the adversity that they face as fuel to drive them to success. Note, success doesn't only refer to one's career path. Success to you may be a simple, happy life. Whatever your definition of success is, you can have it if you are this type of young women!

The other kind of young women uses life's adversities to sulk, make excuses, chronically fail, and to underachieve. These are women who, although often having been the victims of abuse, neglect, and other cruel circumstances, will use what they've endured as a justification for never trying or giving up too easily. They will go through life bitter, depressed, and most often, poor.

Every young woman on earth will face adversity. It's unavoidable. Remember, it's not how you fall; it's how you pick yourself up! Admittedly, some women will face more severe forms of adversity than others, and some women will experience varying degrees and durations of adversity, but we all face adversity. Don't be the second kind of woman! Lisa Shumate is a good author for young women who want to be like the first kind of woman in this example.